Ep 53: A Year in Review with Meiko Drew, Our Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Today on the show we have my final check-in with Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Meiko Drew.

When you first joined me on this journey in June of 2016, I introduced you to Meiko. We checked in with Meiko throughout the year to learn how her journey was going. Meiko is a Corporate America retiree as she has coined herself, who jumped ship from a lucrative career in marketing to venture out on her own.

In the last year, she has founded the blog Meiko and the Dish, she’s launched an online store of food related merchandise, she’s partnered with major brands, learned more about the food blogging industry and today  she shares the latest business that she is getting ready to launch.

Meiko has always been transparent about her bumps along the road, including when she’s been low on funds, gone through a breakup, slept on the couch of her friends, she’s shared it all.

On this episode, Meiko reveals:

  1. How she’s continuing to grow Meiko and the Dish the brand
  2. How she’s keeping income coming in
  3. Why she decided to partner on new website, Hitch Hatch
  4. How she’s growing her new business from scratch
  5. How she’s managing entrepreneurship, life and love + what’s next

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