Work With Me

Coaching, VIP sessions and courses were, and continue to be, a critical part of my success. I am passionate about sharing the lessons I have learned and helping you grow your business and amplify your message via business and podcast coaching. See below for how to work one-on-one with me.

Business Coaching


Business coaching will include:

  • A pre-call survey assessment 
  • A 60-minute strategy call with Nicaila to discuss:
    • Nicaila’s SWOT analysis of your business (based on your pre-call assessment)
    • Your brand’s biggest business/marketing challenge and most immediate steps for improvement
    • Actionable strategies to move forward
  • Post-call: You will receive a call summary and written marketing plan of action from Nicaila

Here are some the things I can coach you through:

  • Starting and growing your side hustle from an idea to a revenue generating business (I created the hit Side Hustle Pro podcast in 2016 and was able to QUIT MY JOB in 2017)
  • Building a following and community on social media (I’ve grown by 30,000 followers in 1.5 years and amassed a loyal community across social platforms)
  • Growing your email list  (I grew my email list from 0 to 3,600 subscribers in one year using strategic lead magnets and challenges – and I can teach you how)
  • Developing your Facebook Ads strategy (I’ve run successful campaigns for Side Hustle Pro as well as for NPR’s hit podcasts)
  • And more!

Interested in working with me 1:1? Want my personal help with any of the above? Book your one-on-one coaching call today:

Podcast Coaching

In January 2018, Side Hustle Pro will launch its signature 8-week accelerator, working intensively with new audio producers to create and launch their podcast, grow their influence through targeted marketing and build a profitable brand.

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