Episode 79: Queen of Side Hustles Tracey Coleman on How to Thrive as a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur

What happens when you pair a love for writing, travel, design, experience activations and more? You get today’s guest. Her name is Tracey Coleman, and she is a creator, writer, designer and visionary. She’s also a multi passionate entrepreneur with a myriad of hustles.

Her main hustle is Show & Tell Creative, a boutique activation agency specializing in social media, event activation and multicultural marketing. Her various side hustles include being Event Director and Partner in Curly Girl Collective, the founders and producers of the epic CURLFEST.

She’s also the Brooklyn Travel Addict, a Witty storyteller and content creator through her legendary travel blog.  

Finally, she’s is the Founder of Purpose Driven Passports – a nonprofit organization that identifies and creates opportunities for travelers to give back abroad. In 2017, less than 6 months after launching, Tracey won the WeWork Creator Award.

In keeping with the theme of women who are redefining entrepreneurship, I’m happy to share Tracey’s journey today. She is living proof that if you work it right, you can be multi passionate and have a business and a life walking in your purpose.

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