Episode 62: How Evita Robinson Changed the Face of Travel

Today on the show, we have a woman who started a travel movement. Her name is Evita Robinson and she is the Founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe.

Evita has always been a creator in visual media. Yet, it was a trip to Paris, six weeks after graduating from undergrad, that changed the scope of her personal and professional life.

So in September 2011, she created the Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online social community primarily for travelers of color. Nomadness was the first of its kind targeting diverse millennials, in the newly coined ‘black travel movement’. The group currently surpasses 16,000 international members, with over 100,000 passport stamps, and nearly 100 meetups a year, all across the globe. Evita has shattered the myth that people of color don’t travel.

She is also a keynote speaker, TED Resident, consultant for Destination Marketing Organizations, and continues her love of seeing the world while writing her first book.

On today’s episode, Evita  gets into:

  • How Nomadness started organically and she never expected it to be a business
  • Why she doesn’t believe in 5 years plans and why you shouldn’t either
  • Why we all need multiple revenue streams
  • How she recovered from near burnout
  • How she decides what’s best for her brand

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