Episode 78: Nicole Walters Wants To Teach You To Add More Commas To Your Bank Account

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Today in the guest chair, we have Nicole Walters.

By age 28, Nicole was a highly-paid executive at a Fortune 500 company, managing multibillion dollar accounts. But something just wasn’t right. She felt like her job was paying the bills and feeding her family, but not her soul.

So, live on Periscope, Nicole quit her corporate job to focus on opening her own private business and product development consulting firm, The Monetized Life. Through her programs and consulting, she shares her secrets to earning “passive income” with other entrepreneurs, including in her popular online course, 1K1Day.

Nicole has been on my radar for some time and I thought what better way to kick off 2018, than with a woman who is pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship and redefining what it means to package your skills into services and make money on your own terms.

As Nicole says, she teaches people how to add commas to their bank accounts and learn that they don’t have to trade time for money.

On today’s episode, Nicole gets into:

  • Her 5 years of (debt free!) side hustling before quitting
  • Why she quit her job LIVE on Periscope
  • Generating $11,000 from a $12.99 product
  • The streams of income in her business

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