Episode 61: Meet the Black Harvard Grads Flipping the Script On Beauty Norms

KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson

This week on the show I have KJ Miller & Amanda Johnson. KJ and Amanda are graduates of Harvard Business School and the co-founders of Mented Cosmetics (short for pigmented).

These two women are making their mark on the beauty industry, redefining what a natural, clean beauty look is for women of color. It all started when they both realized they were struggling to find the perfect nude lip. So these ladies took matters into their own hands and created Mented.

Mented is an upscale beauty brand for all women of color who are looking for great nude and neutral looks.

Mented Cosmetics on Side Hustle Pro

These two figured out the one thing the industry had forgotten to do and now have a thriving beauty company.

On this episode, KJ & Amanda share:

  • How they learned to make beauty products
  • Their early mistakes when starting the brand
  • What it really takes to launch and keep a brand afloat

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