Episode 37: Find Your Niche, Create a Sales Funnel and Monetize with Maya Elious

Maya Elious_Side Hustle Pro

Today in the guest chair we have Maya Elious. Maya is a personal branding strategist that teaches content creators and experts how to strategize, organize, and monetize their online business.

She creates online courses and coaching programs with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs how to get clear with their messaging so they can create premium content and products that will get them noticed and paid online.

She’s helped hundreds of students and clients launch & monetize blogs, online challenges, masterclasses, webinars, online courses and other successful content platforms so they can make an impact in their industry.

On this episode, Maya shares:

  • Her journey from designing MySpace pages to leaving college to become an entrepreneur
  • How she earns money today as a content strategist and coach
  • Her most simple sales funnel that anyone can replicate
  • The common misconceptions about being a coach or course instructor
  • Her number one pro tip for building an audience that craves your content

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