Episode 56: How Lisa Price Turned Her Side Hustle Into A Multimillion Dollar Business

Ep 56: How Lisa Price Turned Her Side Hustle Into A Multimillion Dollar Business

Today in the guest chair, we have Lisa Price, Founder of multi-million dollar hair and beauty company Carol’s Daughter.

I am really honored to have Lisa in the guest chair, as hers is a product that transformed my personal journey to loving my natural hair and natural beauty. When I learned about Carol’s Daughter back in the day when I was in college, I used to have it shipped to my dorm room. And this is when I was a broke college student and had no business ordering anything online. But that’s how crucial it was for me to obtain a product that could actually moisturize and nourish my kinky threads. And since then, I have followed Lisa Price’s entrepreneurial journey.

If you don’t know, Lisa Price and Carol’s Daughter has been in business for over two decades.

In the early 1990s, Lisa began experimenting with making her own fragrances and perfume sprays when she wasn’t busy working at her full-time job in TV production.

In 1992, Price dedicated herself full time to creating beauty products. With $100 in cash, her own kitchen, and the simple notion that people should follow their hearts, Lisa started building the collection that would become a beauty revolution.

In August of 1994, Price officially established Carol’s Daughter (the company is lovingly named after her mother). Initially starting out with a handful of steady customers, those numbers grew in leaps and bounds as women outside her neighborhood and circle of friends began to take notice.

Today, Carol’s Daughter sells millions of dollars’ worth of products, having launched an exclusive collection in Target stores nationwide and on Target.com in March 2014 as well as extending into select Walgreens in March 2015. As a culmination to the Carol’s Daughter business trajectory, Lisa sold her company to L’Oréal USA in November 2014.

Today on the show, Lisa walks us back through the journey of building Carol’s Daughter to what it is today.

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