Episode 44: How DC’s Best Makeup Artist Tiyana Robinson Makes a Living Doing What She Loves

How DC’s Best Makeup Artist Tiyana Robinson Makes a Living Doing What She Loves

Today on the show, we have Makeup Artist extraordinaire Tiyana Robinson. Tiyana is a Washington DC-based Makeup Artist, Brand Ambassador, and International Beauty Educator. I first came across Tiyana on…you know it, Instagram. I was looking for someone to do my makeup for my Side Hustle Pro photoshoot and after viewing her Instagram portfolio, I immediately reached out and booked an appointment.

On the day of my shoot, I went to her studio to get my makeup done and of course we got to chatting about entrepreneurship and side hustle, and I was just so captivated by her story I knew I had to have her in the guest chair.

On this episode, Tiyana breaks down:

  • How she transitioned from working for a hair care line to being a full time makeup artist
  • Why making an investment in a Coach and Mentor transformed her business
  • How she sets herself apart and stands out in an oversaturated market
  • The different revenue streams in her business (she’s not just a makeup artist)
  • Her top tips for side hustlers who are just getting started

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