Episode 48: CurlMix Founder Kim Lewis on How to Market Your Physical Products

Kim Lewis CurlMix on Side Hustle Pro podcast

Today on the show, we have a woman who dived into an industry she knew absolutely nothing about and with sacrifice and grind, has been able to grow a profitable company.

Her name is Kim Lewis and she is the Creator of CurlMix. I first learned about CurlMix when I went to a conference where Kim was a vendor. I saw her table set up and the eye catching CurlMix boxes and I remember thinking, what a cool idea, I wonder what goes into producing those. Later, we connected on Facebook and through her daily updates, I really get to see the behind-the-scenes of building a new, young company from the ground up.

One of the reasons I was and continue to be so in awe of Kim, is that she has accomplished so much under the age of 30. And that’s not to say us over 30 peeps aren’t as impressive when we start companies. I’m just always fascinated by people, especially black women, who are starting companies at an age when I was having a quarter life crisis and still figuring out my next career moves.

On today’s episode, Kim gets into:

  • What starting her first (and unprofitable company) taught her about being a business owner
  • The importance of validating your idea
  • How she secured press coverage BEFORE her launch
  • Why if you’re completely happy with the first version of your business, you waited too long
  • Tips on saving money to ship your physical products and much more

I really love what Kim had to share.


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