Episode 3: Stefanie Thomas, Impact America Fund, On Breaking Down The Doors Of Venture Capital

Stefanie Thomas 2

What goes into the making of a Venture Capitalist? Wharton graduate and Michigan MBA Stefanie Thomas shifted from a career in banking at Citigroup to centering her passions around support for under-resourced entrepreneurs. But the road to VC was not always clear. Learn about the key experiences she gained at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, the steps she took to feed her entrepreneurial fire, and the way she set herself on the path to Senior Associate with Impact America Fund.


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  1. I just listened to this podcast. I should say first, that I listened to ep 40ish, and a few other more recent ones, and have decided to go back and start from the beginning to follow your (Nicaila) journey.

    Stefanie’s story was inspiring for many reasons: First, I appreciated her father’s story – that he failed many times, but because he was scrappy and worked hard, he was able to find success. And, it’s cool that she wants to prevent other entrepreneurs from having to go through so much failure before arriving at success.

    I related to her saying she felt inadequate at b-school. Me too!

    In general, her story is inspiring because she seems so real and relatable and also shows that with focus and hard work, dreams can be accomplished.

    I feel obligated to dispute the comment she made toward the end where she says that if an entrepreneur is head down, gaining traction… there will be many offers. I think the fact that Impact America Fund exists – needs to exist, the fact that less than 1% of VC deals go to Black women – both point to the fact that you might actually be very successful (and in the right space with the right team, etc.) but not get any offers.

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