Episode 60: How Fitness Guru Cassandra Nuamah Turned Her Side Hustle into Her Dream Business

Ep 60: How Fitness Guru Cassandra Nuamah Turned Her Side Hustle into Her Dream Business

Cassandra Nuamah, better known as Coach Cass, is a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and health and wellness coach. She is a master trainer with KUKUWA® African Dance Workout and a source of inspiration for many. After dropping more than 50 pounds, this one time advertising professional pursued her certification as a wellness and fitness coach and began devoting her life to helping others. Coach Cass and her Mother Kukuwa also organize yearly fitness and cultural excursions to different countries in Africa and teach fitness and dance classes locally and internationally.

For years, Cassandra tried to juggle her advertising career with her rapidly growing fitness side hustle. Find out what caused her to finally say goodbye to a 9 to 5 and hello to her purpose.

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  4. 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
  5. Africa With Us

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One thought

  1. I love what she had to say. Everything really hit home especially the lightning round when she talked about regret versus an entreprenuer’s fear of not making a steady income at a job.

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