Episode 50: How Food Entrepreneur Agatha Achindu Created Yummy Spoonfuls

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Today in the guest chair, we have a woman by the name of Agatha Achindu. Agatha is not only a dedicated mother and entrepreneur but also a chef. As a child growing up in Cameroon she ate only the freshest organic foods from her family’s Gardens and local markets.

But after her son’s birth in 2004 she struggled to find meals for him which were just as delicious and nutritious. So that set her on her journey to create a solution. Determined, she took to her kitchen to create meals packed with healthy organic ingredients—and nothing else. Soon, she began filling casual orders for friends and—in 2006— Yummy Spoonfuls® was born. On today’s episode we get into the details of that journey.

Agatha shares the real deal about:

  1. What went into creating a food product
  2. Getting the license to sell it
  3. Finding a place to manufacture it in bulk
  4. Getting Yummy Spoonfuls® sold at Major retailers
  5. Plus, she’ll share how she partnered with fellow mom and entrepreneur, Camila Alves, to expand Yummy Spoonfuls® and fulfill their collective vision of providing fresh, organic foods to babies and tots.

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